Beautiful Gazebos and Patios in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast

Get in line for one of the most innovative construction products on the market. Suiting any structure, this is Quickthatch; alang-alang thatching grass that will last forever. Suiting new homes, old homes, kit homes, and awnings for gazebos, verandahs and patios, this is perfect for builders working in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast’s tropical climate.

A new way to get perfect Queensland verandahs

Historically, builders have only used thatching outside and the material required a minimum pitch of 30 degrees. No longer! With Quickthatch you don't need any pitch, and the product can be used under existing roofs and will last forever. Installation is simple; just attach the strips to any rafters and clip the Quickthatch in.

The ease of installation means nearly anyone can do it, and with the option to include false rafters as well, there are endless applications! Add it to feature walls, display panels, shop exhibitions and so much more. It’ll even improve acoustics! If you work in construction, you’ll be looking for the next big thing – and here it is. This is perfect for Sunshine Coast and Brisbane builders of patios, verandahs, gazebos and any outside structure, but also for professionals in areas across Australia.

Offered in standard sizes of 600mm and 28 pieces m2 and 900mm and 16 pieces m2, and with the ability to custom order, there’s a Quickthatch for every project. Lightweight at 0.25 kg per piece, shipping is fast and affordable and DIY transportation is easy.

Faster than thatching a roof the traditional way but with the same ‘wow!’ factor guaranteed, this the perfect product for builders looking to give their verandahs and patios an edge on the competition’s.

With 37 personal years in roofing and 18 years in thatching, I will guarantee you will love my product. Get in contact over the phone today at 0417 725 215 for information about our services throughout Queensland, the Sunshine Coast , the Brisbane area, and throughout Australia.